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ESC 44 Midterm Crossword Puzzle 2019

Ronald Edilberto Ona PhD

This serves as part 1 of the Midterm Examination for Environmental Science 44 (Environmental Monitoring) for 4th year B.S. Environmental Science students.


4.Introduction of materials not normally found in water that make the water less desirable or unfit for its intended use
5.Measures the salt concentration of water, usually measured in parts per thousand
8.Group of bacteria with common characteristics used to indicate water quality; includes bacteria found in soil, in water influenced by surface water, and in human and animal wastes
9.Sludge produced in individual on-site wastewater disposal systems, such as septic tanks
10.Amount of pollutant being discharged into the environment; the product of the wastewater quality or concentration and the volumetric rate of discharge
11.The level for a water constituent or numerical values of physical, chemical, biological and bacteriological or radiological parameters which are used to classify water resources and their use, which do not result in significant health risk and which are not intended for direct enforcement but only for water duality management purposes
13.Water containing less than 500 parts per million dissolved common salt, sodium chloride, such as that in groundwater, rivers, and lakes
15.Portion of rainfall or irrigation water that flows across the ground’s surface and is eventually returned to streams
16.Any substance containing the cyanide ion as found in metallic cyanide and hydrogen cyanide
17.Any source of pollution not identifiable to as a point source, such as runoff from irrigation or rainwater that picks up pollutants from farms and urban areas
18.Any system or network of pipelines, ditches, or conduits including pumping stations, lift stations, and service connections and devices, which involves the collection, transport, pumping, and treatment of sewage to the point of disposal
19.Water with salinity levels not less than 30 parts per thousand, at least 95 percent of the time
20.Watertight receptacle which receives the discharge of a plumbing system, and is designed to accomplish the partial removal and digestion of the suspended solid matter in the sewage through a period of detention
1.Measure the approximate concentration of dissolved oxygen required by bacteria to decompose organic matter in in waste water or surface water
2.Open water body along the country's coastline starting from the shoreline
3.River basins with at least 40 sq km of drainage area
6.All standing or flowing water on the surface of the land (such as reservoirs, lakes, and rivers) and all groundwater on the landward side of the baseline from which the breadth of territorial waters is measured
7.Use of the environment conducive to private and public welfare, safety and health
12.Any identifiable source of pollution with specific point of discharge into a particular water body
14.Subsurface water that occurs beneath a water table in soils and rocks, or in geological formations

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