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The Cell Theory and It's Contributing Scientists

Erica Londono

Based on The Wacky History of The Cell Theory by Lauren Royal.


2.1840's- Jewish scientist, born in Prussia, who first stated that all cells come from preexisting cells and contributed greatly to the field of embryology among others
4.1595- Dutch lens maker who is credited with making the first compound microscope.
5.1838-German botanist who stated that all plants are made of cells.
6.1655- English microscopist. He is credited with coining the term "cell" after viewing cork under the microscope.
7.1855- Prussian scientist who stated that all cells come from preexisting cells.
1.1670-Dutch microscopist who built one of the firs microscopes and viewed bacteria, protists and other microscopic organisms from pond water and called them animalcules.
3.1839- German scientist who who stated that all animals are made of cells. He concluded that the cell is the basic unit of life.

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