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Milestone Study Guide

Matthew :(


2.The ________ ________ is the most important point or idea that the author is making in a passage. The central idea is also known as the main idea (2 Words)
4.A ______ is a comparison using like or as. For example, she is as pretty as a picture
6.____________ refers to hints in the narrative of what is to come in the plot in the future
8.an ________ is a comparison between two things that helps express the relationship or connection between the words
14.The structure of _____________ ___ __________ analyses the relationships between ideas in the text. Comparing analyzes the similarities, while contrasting analyzes the differences. (3 Words)
15.The specific order of a series of events that form a story is known as _________
16.__________ _______ occurs when the reader knows something that the characters do not know (2 Words)
17.An __________ is something that occurs in a story. Like dialogue, an incident can reveal aspects of characters, advance a plot, or provoke a decision in the story
18.The _____ of a literary passage is its lesson or message. For example, a story could be about two friends who like to do things together and the theme might be the importance of friendship
19.This is a relationship in which one thing causes another thing to happen (3 Words)
1.______ refers to where and when a story takes place, including the time of day, the season, or the location
2._________________ ________ is the order in which a series of events happened. A text that is arranged in order of time from the beginning to end is in chronological order (2 Words)
3.An _________ is a quirky expression or saying that is specific to a language
5._____________ refers to the way an author develops a character over the course of a text
7.__________ is exaggeration beyond belief. My father can lift two tons is an example of hyperbole
9.In most stories, there is a conflict or problem. The _________ is the solution to the problem or the end of the main dramatic conflict
10.An ___________ _______ is an overview of a passage that captures the main points but does not give every detail and does not include opinions (2 Words)
11._____________ are shifts in the storyline to give readers important information to help them understand the story better
12.______ ______are passages that are stories, dramas, or poems (2 Words)
13.The ____ found in writing is the attitude of an author about a subject or an audience. The author will chose words and language to create a tone and express a viewpoint in a text

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