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Romeo and Juliet - Vocabulary Sets 1 & 2

Inglefield 2020

Corona/Verona Homeschool Online Edition Crossword Puzzle

Word Bank
Elizabethan, Italian, Shakespeare, bandy, boisterous, breach, capulet, catholic, civil, conjure, consort, coy, cunning, discreet, feign, fickle, globe, gossamer, grievance, idolatry, knaves, languish, mended, montague, pernicious, prate, prologue, reverence, semblance, shrift, solemnity, sonnet, star-crossed, strife, toil, tragedy, verona


8.There are a lot of shenanigans in this play. People are always arranging things in secret and meeting in shadows and behaving in ________________________ ways.
10.Shakespeare sure could _________________ a lot of meaning with his crafty and creative language - nearly 2,000 words that he literally MADE UP are part of our vocabulary still today. We just have dumb words, like emoji. Sigh.
11.I hear that parents with large families are finding this required stay home time hard to manage because little ones can be quite __________________________, like puppies and baby goats in Springtime.
12.Shakespeare doesn't ___________________ on and on about the point of the play. He lays out the basic plot in the Sonnet Prologue.
13.It seems like Kylo Ren and Rey Skywalker would be called ____________________ lovers, don't you think?
18.Juliet, to the modern reader, sure has a ______________________ to air about having to get married so young. I mean, culture called for it, but gross!
19.Mr. ________, our bestest computer wizard ever.
21.Do you have someone you share a _______________________ with? Like an almost-twin?
22.Do not _____________________ that you don't miss some things about school! Well, not the bells, or the school lunch, or the 'no backpacks' rule...
23.bonus (not vocab word) - the Ethnicity of the people in the play.
24.bonus (not vocab word) - the religion of the people in the play.
26.I dream of the Springtime _________________wings of butterflies in the air around me again. It's coming! Soon!
31.It is hard to imagine that the breaches of trust between characters in this play can ever be ______________________.
32.These two star-crossed lovers are sure going to have to be ____________________ about their relationship.
34.bonus (not vocab word) - Juliet's family name.
35.Most people consider this play, though richly comedic in spots, to be a classic example of a ______________________.
36.I hope you had fun doing this crossword puzzle, though probably not as much fun as I had creating it. I do not consider this sort of task to be ________________. But I'm weird.
1.bonus (not vocab word) - the man, the myth, the legend.
2.Smoking is considered a _____________________ activity because the ill-effects kind of sneak up on tobacco users over time. The tobacco companies planned that, by the by.
3.Meri Songer is writing a ____________________ that might become a sample for the class, that is, if she lets me do that sort of thing.
4.It does seem that Romeo could at the very least be called ___________________ when it comes to love.
5.Mr. Inglefield is Mrs. Inglefield's __________________. We've been married since 1992!
6.bonus (not vocab word) - the time period when Shakespeare crafted his masterpieces.
7.I think people that hoard toilet paper could be called __________________________.
9.bonus (not vocab word) - the sonnet that starts the play.
14.The theatergoers of Elizabethan times weren't exhibiting _____________________ while watching plays at The Globe - Shakespeare's plays were almost "partici-plays" like the ones at Ogden's Treehouse Museum for children!
15.This is the name of the open-air theater - also called The "O" - where Shakespeare's plays were performed.
16.When Catholics go to confession, it used to be called going to _______________. And boy, do these people have a lot to seek forgiveness for - like almost every single character.
17.I worship macaroni and cheese! Does that mean I am practicing ____________________? Maybe if I made a shrine to it...
20.bonus (not vocab word) - Romeo's family name.
21.Going to see a play at The Globe would NOT be an occasion of great _________________________.
25.Try not to nap your quarantine away. (You know that Elizabethans had spells of quarantine when The Globe had to shut down for a bit.) No need to __________________ into deep spells of worry and sadness when you have this awesome play to work through!
27.Do not ____________________the public trust by going out and breaking quarantine, please. It's a civic responsibility to try to keep the hospitals available for the very ill.
28.bonus (not vocab word) - Where the play takes place.
29.I've never experienced any kind of family or community ______________________ like it happens in Romeo & Juliet. It's like a crazy soap opera!
30.I miss watching my usual late-night talk shows where the guest and the host would _____________________ their witty comments back and forth. But they'll be back in a while.
33.I try to be _______________________ when dealing with people, but if you take the last Kraft blue box... watch out... I'll punch you in your kneecaps.

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