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Vocab Teaching as a Career

Word Bank
Abstract Thinking, Articulate, Artifacts, Career Goal, Certified Teacher, Collaborative Learning, Concrete Thinking, Cooperating Teacher, Corporate Trainers, Curriculum, Extracurricular Activities, Grants, Job Shadowing, Nonsectarian, Paraprofessional, Personal Portfolio, Philosophy of Teaching, Postsecondary Education, Prerequisite Course, Proficiency Test, Reciprocal Agreements, School-based Curriculum, Self-Contained Classroom, Service-Learning, Student Teaching, Teacher Education Programs, Teaching Academics, Teaching license, Technical Schools


1.Of or relating to education beyond high school
4.School curriculum refers to a particular set of courses that a school or governing body designates, but may also refer to a variety of activities designed to foster education and meet the needs of a learning community.
5.An agreement among state to honor the teaching credentials (certificates or licenses) issued in another state with which they have an agreement
7.Broadly defined as the totality of student experiences that occur in the educational process.
9.A college or university program that offers teacher training; also called a teacher preparation program
12.Effectively putting thoughts into words
15.An arrangement in which the same teacher and a group of students remain in one classroom for most of the day with one teacher who teaches most if not all subjects.
16.A classroom teacher who supervises and mentors the student teacher
20.An organized collection of materials and information that shows how personal knowledge, skills, and attitudes have developed over time
23.The official document that verifies for school that the person is qualified to teach at specific grade levels or in particular subject areas; also called a teaching certificate
24.A course that a student must complete before entering a program or prior to taking a higher-level course
25.A personal statement about an individual’s thoughts, views, and values as they relate to the practice of teaching.
26.The placement of student teachers in public or private schools classrooms to immerse themselves in the practice of teaching
27.A person who has less education or experience but works under the supervision of a more highly qualified professional.
28.A combination of classroom learning with meaningful hands-on experiences to meet community needs
2.Activities sponsored and usually held at school, but are not apart of the academic cirriculum.
3.Not involving or relating to a specific religious sect or political group.
6.A high school program that helps high school students to explore the teaching profession through classes, ovsecaions, and hands-on work experiences
7.A clear, concise statement of what you want to become in life
8.Can occur peer-to-peer or in larger groups.
10.Provides professional development and training to employees in a corporate setting. The primary responsibilities of a corporate trainer include developing curriculum and teaching new skills, strategies, or systems to workers in a particular industry.
11.he act of following a person on the job for a few hours, a day, or even longer to experience what the person’s career typically involves
13.A school where students learn skills that involve working with their hands
14.Thinking about ideas and concepts while connecting feelings with thoughts.
17.A test the measures skill and knowledge in a subject area
18.Thinking about things one has experienced.
19.One who has met the state requirements for teacher preparation.
21.Items such as projects or papers a person prepares for class, examples from related volunteer activity, and academic and other awards
22.Money given to students, from colleges or universities, for postsecondary education who show read economic need. Grand money does not require repayment

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