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Vancouver RE Crossword Puzzle 1


You think you know Real Estate? Challenge yourself with the new Vancouver RE Crossword Puzzle

5 6 7
11 12
13 14
15 16 17
18 19

2.One of the "Cam gang" who founded Key Marketing & Private Listing Service
4.A bubble always _____
7.Boenisch (hint: good realtor)
8.The acronym for perceived primary buyers of Richmond and Vancouver West Houses
9.Most Reliable Vancouver RE forum: Vancouvercondo.____
10.Household ____ is the biggest domestic risk to Canadian economy
11.A house that looks bad, smells bad, has at least one major system that doesn't function: a ____'s special
15.UBC's RE professor at Sauder School of Business, which is well sponsored by condo developers
17.euphemism for a small, cramped home that's better suited for midgets.
18.The "Brad Lamb" of Vancouver
19.Bulls make money, bears make money, but ____ get slaughtered
21.Voted Most Trustworthy Van RE blog: Whispers from the edge of the _____
1.Total Inventory divided by Monthly Sales = ___
2.The author of "Greaterfool" blog
3.Vancouver is well-known for it's run-down, million-dollar _____ house
4.But a _____ deflates
5.International Realtor catchphrase: "We are running out of ____!"
6.Vancouver Realtor catchphrase: "We are the best place on _____!"
12.International Realtor catchphrase: "... but it's _____ here!"
13.One of the "Cam gang" who is the BCREA chief economist
14.A _____ seller gives the impression that he is under pressure to reach a quick deal
16.Author of The Economic Analyst blog. Prominent Canadian RE analyst.
20.The marketing company caught using staffs posing as overseas buyers.

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