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FAQ for the login process at ArmoredPenguin

Question: Why do accounts cost money?

Answer: There are several basic reasons.

  • Additional resources for new features.
    One of the features that people get who have paid up accounts is that their puzzles don't get deleted after two months. They stay around until the account is no longer paid for or until the author deletes them.
  • Accountability.
    Some of the new features are subject to certain abuses. One of the features is the ability to transfer an picture to the web site to be displayed with a puzzle. I don't want ArmoredPenguin become a porn site, as it doesn't fit in well with the traditional users. Having the photos associated with a specific person that I can hope to contact, or to cancel the account and prevent the user from reopening the account gives me tools for accountability.
  • Commercial experiment.
    This web site has been a hobby to me for years. If I can cause a reasonable amount of revenue to flow from the web site it will allow me to spend more time fixing problems and adding features. I have a list of things to do that is quite lengthy, but I currently cannot devote as much time as it'd take to implement all of those features on a quick schedule. If the experiment works, that situation could possibly change.