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FAQ for the login process at ArmoredPenguin

Question: What do I get for my money?

Answer: See the Sign-Up page for a list of the capabilities that are associated with having a real account. The short list is:

  • Puzzles stay around as long as you pay for your account.
  • You can access your puzzles from any computer, not just the computer the puzzle it was created on.
  • You can add a background image to make the puzzle more interesting to your audience (and to keep the ink people happy; be careful.)
  • You can easily back up your puzzles onto your computer so that you don't have to depend upon my backup system, or your fumbling fingers if you delete the wrong puzzle.
  • A new feature for all users is "Other puzzles by this author". You can add a notice about what sort of puzzles you produce. Some people produce puzzles that are related.