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FAQ for the login process at ArmoredPenguin

Question: Why are some of my friend's puzzles mixed in with mine?

Answer: I assume that people are lazy, and will only log in when they are trying to use the new features (such as images). There is still a cookie that identifies this browser/O.S.-user combination. If you make puzzles, log out of the web site and continue to make puzzles, they are all associated with the same cookie. If you can, log out from the computer when you change users. As a web site designer, my other choice is to delete the cookies that represents the browser when you log out of the web site. But that means that if you then continue to make puzzles they won't be associated with your account. Loosing puzzles is a bad thing. Forcing you to log in every time is a bad thing. A bit of mixing of puzzles for computers used by multiple people is my compromise position. This may change in the future.