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Privacy information

This web site is used by many people, including students and teachers. I do collect a certain amount of information from the web connection, and this information is stored in the puzzle. This information is common to web connections and includes times, IP numbers, browser type, and other similar information. This information is maintained as long as the puzzle is maintained.

My web server captures log information which includes some of the above information, as well as the referring URL. This information is maintained for some period of time, typically about a year.

The "My Puzzles" link tracks puzzles via a "cookie" that is associated with a particular computer. The cookie basically links to a random number that helps tie the puzzles a person makes together.

The puzzles have a name field that the user can put anything they want in, including leaving it blank. In addition, the users can type things into the comment fields, as well as the words, and thus expose as much personal information as they choose.

If you create an account on this site I also collect a real name, email address and a few other details to help deal with accounting and abuse. If you do not create an account, then I do not have that information.

If you send a Bug Report and you fill in an email address so that I can reply to you, the information that gets sent off allows me to know what puzzles you have created. I use this to help diagnose any problem you may have with the puzzle generator.

I use Google's AdSense program to help fund this site. Google uses their own cookies to track what sort of ads are put in front of people, and when they click on ads. I don't get any of that information, and who knows what Google does with it. Google has their own Privacy Policy.

If you are uncomfortable with the above information, then it is probably best not to use this site.