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Genetics Vocabulary - Matching - 1


DNA an exchange of allele between populations
genotype part of a nucleotide where you find adenine, thymine, guanine, or cytosine
genome a unit of heredity information made of DNA
genetic code a triplet, three nucleotides
base pairing different forms of the same gene
double helix structure found in nucleus of a cell which contains genes
heredity an allele that is expressed regardless of the other allele
codon the full collection of genes needed to make a specific organism
chromosome the shape of DNA
base the exact order of the nucleotides in a gene
dominant allele substance of heredity
gene flow chemical rule that govern how DNA is assembled
gene the process by which traits are passed down from parent to their offspring
heterozygous having two different alleles for a given gene
allele the actual allele or gene carried by an individual

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