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Genetics Vocabulary - Matching - 2


protein a change in DNA caused by a mutagen
trait when DNA makes a copy of itself
homozygous a single strand copy of DNA
recessive traits where both allele are either dominant or recessive
plasmid number and appearance of chromosomes in the nucleus
nucleotide an observable trait of an organism
melanin pigment that creates skin, hair, and eye coloring
phenotype genes that determine body pattern and symmetry
RNA another term for heterozygous, produced by the mating of tho different varieties of a species
homeotic complex molecule made up of amino acids
hybrid the base and spine of a DNA
mutations characteristics of an organism
law of dominance an allele that is expressed only when it is paired with a recessive trait
mutagens things that cause mutations
replication only dominant trait is expressed
karyotype double stranded and often circular; found in bacteria

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