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Sign of Beaver Section 3, 4 and 5

indignant_____ 1disobediant, open opposition, resisit authority, power
ramshackle_____ 2to keep from having, to prevent enjoyment
improvise_____ 3not on purpose, cool, casual
nonchalantly_____ 4serious, not laughing
ruefully_____ 5uncivilized, no manners, wild
incomprehensible_____ 6resentful, annoyed, angry
persisted_____ 7friendship, mate, fellow member
indifference_____ 8quick, graceful, agile
plodded_____ 9to become more forgiving, to become less strict
prowess_____ 10 sharp verbal response, to answer with anger, contrary
deprived_____ 11to make do with whatever is at hand (availble)
retorted_____ 12thinking meditate
relenting_____ 13sorry, remorseful, regret
intricately_____ 14unclear, unintelligible, obscure
soberly_____ 15thin, lean, too skinny
unhampered_____ 16walk heavily, slowly, trudge
comradeship_____ 17a group, a bunch
detested_____ 18unconcerned, unresponsive, not caring
pondering_____ 19bravey, valor, courage
chargined_____ 20deep disappointment, embarrassed because of failure
disgruntled_____ 21noisy, loud to the point of rude, uproarious
gaunt_____ 22complicated, complex, hard to understand
finicky_____ 23shabby, crumbling, rickety
nimble_____ 24hate, loathe
stern_____ 25resentful, angry because something is not right
boisterous_____ 26to keep trying, not giving up
passel_____ 27firm, strict, unsymathetic
heathen_____ 28unhindered, free, further
defiance_____ 29picky, fussy, difficult to please, demanding

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