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From Milk to Cheese

Exploring River Valley

To test students' knowledge on the process from Milk to Cheese

liquid calcium cloride_____ 1store bought milk needs this
temperature_____ 2clean this with solution that removes dirt and sanitizes
smaller_____ 3 milk turns to curd during
larger_____ 4when aging cheese it should be covered in this
lactic bacteria_____ 5leftover liquid after milk has been curdled and strained
seasoning_____ 6germicide dipping kills this on teats
cheddaring_____ 7curds cut into strips
quarter_____ 8other ingredients needed to make a specific kind of cheese
cheese wax_____ 9squirts of milk are removed each
additives_____ 10softer cheese curds are cut
coagulation_____ 11wrap curds in cheese-cloth and use this
pathogens_____ 12specific cheeses require this (mozzarella)
whey_____ 13some recipes require this
double boiler_____ 14harder cheese curds are cut
hot water treatment_____ 15freach herbs are used for
teats_____ 16is added to ripen the milk
salt_____ 17increase slowly 2 every 5 minutes
cheese-cloth_____ 18drain the curds through this
cheese press_____ 19used to warm the milk

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