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Amy Pruitt

Writing terms to know

sentence fragments Is the use of material from a source without proper usage of citation. Can result in expulsion from college.
introduction A document from which information is obtained for the use as evidence to support one's main point.
bibliography A decision reached after careful thought, a position or opinion.
Formal tone Is the process of taking a very general idea, and breaking it down into a very specific topic.
Thesis statement Is the tone one uses in an essay that helps establish the writer's respect for thier audience and suggests that the writer is serious about the topic.The writer should avoid first person pronouns.
conclusion Is the part of an essay that shows supporting evidence relating to the topic.(usually 2-3 paragraphs long, explaining the main ideas)
in-quote citation The Modern Language Association's system of citations.
informative essay Is the part of an essay at the begining that introduces the topic being written about. It includes a thesis statement.
sources Is the framework (or skeleton), of an essay, to which one uses to guide the writing process. It is divided into sections by introduction, body(and two to three main ideas) and a conclusion. All should be a one sentence explanation for each part.
outline is an essay thst informs the reader about an important issue or debate and convince those same readers that the writer's stance on the issue is valid/ likely true.
Narrowing the topic  is casual in tone, and represents the writer's own opinions rather than factual information.
arguementative essay A one sentence(or occasionally two) statement of you central idea. It expresses not just your opinion, but also your informed, reasoned judgement.
body Introduction, body, and conclusion
run on sentences Is a record of important information about each source. It is listed in alphabetical order by the author's last name.
MLA format When two independant clauses that can't stand alone when punctuated by a period, are combined to form a nonsensical sentence.
informal tone Is introduced by a signal phrase that names it's author. The materieal being cited is followed by a page number in (2) at the end of the quote.
plagiarism Is an essay that informs the reader about a specific topic.
3 main parts of an essay is a part of a sentence presented as if were a complete sentence.

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