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Yr 13 ~おく~よう

Miss Alexander

Match the word to its definition.

~せん ~ track; ~ platform (at a train station)
~さつ ~ Ward (in a city)
~ちょうめ ~ number of nights stayed
~ばんせん ~ line (for trains)
~こ percentage
~よう ~ Lake
~く ~ Prefecture
~じょう ~ River
~けん ~ Block (in a town or city)
~さん ~ Castle
~がわ ~ Ocean
~はんきゅう Made in ~
~はく Sea of ~
~おく bank note
~ゆき bound for ~
~せい one hundred million
~かい ~ degrees
パーセント Mount ~
~じょ ~ place
~かた ~ hemisphere
~ど by way of ~

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