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RRSP Word Match

Sales Effectiveness Telephone Banking

Investing in an _____ may be better for higher-income Canadians whose marginal tax rate at retirement will be lower than in their working years. Horizon
The ad says "get 10,000 Aeroplan miles when you open this account?  RRSP
_______ is an investment strategy that purposely staggers the maturity dates of fixed term investments within a portfolio to help reduce reinvestment risk.  32%
Your investment time ______is the length of time until you need to sell your investment.  Laddering
A great way to save for post-secondary education for your child and achieve income-splitting.  eAdvantage Savings Account
____is the average age of RRSP contributors TFSA
Net income from self employment is an example of? Unlimited chequing account
A __________ can hold almost any type of security. Mutual Fund
_____of Canadians are counting on winning the lottery to pay for retirement. RRSP Carry Forward
CIBC is offering a time-limited bonus interest offer on new balances deposited into new or existing for this product? 45 years of age
Investing in a _____ may be preferable for lower-income Canadians whose marginal tax rate at retirement is expected to be higher than their marginal tax rate while they are working.  RESP
 Can carry forward unused contribution room indefinitely (to age limit) 87%
_____of Canadians who opened a TFSA used it for an emergency fund or a short-term investment or a savings account.  Earned Income

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