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TLR Vocab Match ch. 1-2

Mrs. Horton

Match the definition with the vocabulary word. Place the number of the definition next to the correct vocabulary word.

scuttled_____ 1insulting or rude
impudent_____ 2secretly;quietly
parched_____ 3longingly
hurriedly_____ 4endured; put up with
flogged_____ 5looked with disgust or anger
glowered_____ 6moved or swung from side to side
irks_____ 7to perform an action quickly
resentfully_____ 8deep red in color
stealthily_____ 9ran with short, quick steps
tolerated_____ 10pause or break in activity
wary_____ 11offensive or disgusting foul matter
sheepishly_____ 12hid
burrowed_____ 13embarrassingly or showing bashfulness
scarlet_____ 14high-pitched and piercing in sound quality
wrung_____ 15beat with a whip or stick for punishment
shrill_____ 16irritatingly; annoyingly
filth_____ 17irritates; angers; annoys
fretfully_____ 18to do something with bitterness
intermission_____ 19completely dry and thirsty for water
wistfully_____ 20watchful against danger
swayed_____ 21forced by twisting

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