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TLR Vocab Match ch. 3-4

Mrs. Horton

Match the vocabulary word with its definition. Place the number of the definition with the correct vocabulary word.

imploring_____ 1to hear something that a speaker didn't intend for you to hear
indifferently_____ 2urgently begging
scowling_____ 3without concern or interest; not caring
overhear_____ 4anxious and uncomfortable
miniature_____ 5with serious intentions or efforts
unyielding_____ 6not giving in; not giving up
fury_____ 7gently; kindly
uneasy_____ 8gloomily or threateningly looking
meekly_____ 9an outrageous and ugly person or thing
monstrosity_____ 10cunning; crafty; clever; secretive
sly_____ 11unrestrained or violent anger
earnestly_____ 12reduced size

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