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Absorbent paper points Pulpal inflammation extends into the periapical tissues
Endodontic retreatment Help locate canal openings
Root canal treatment Used to enlarge and smooth the canal
Peeso reamers Pulp inflamed but able to heal when irritant is removed
Reversible pulpitis Remove soft tissue from the pulp canal
Apicoectomy The removal of a root of a multirooted tooth
Endo spoon excavator Where the pulp is removed and replaced with a filling material
Gutta percha Prepare the canal for a post
Irreversible pulpitis Absorb fluids, take medications, and take cultures of the canal
Endo explorer The removal of all pulpal tissues
Pulpectomy Inflammation continues until the pulpal tissue cannot recover
Endodontics Apex of the root and infection are removed
Pulpotomy When the tooth fails to heal and the disease process continues or starts again
Files Death of the pulp
Root amputation The removal of the pulp in the coronal portion
Hemisection Used to obturate the canal
Pulpal necrosis The surgical removal of one root and the overlying crown
Barbed broaches Used to spin sealer into canal
Periapical abscess Removes deep caries, pulp tissue, and temporary cement
Apical periodontitis Mark the length of the root canal
Rubber stops Comprises diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the pulp and periapical tissues
Lentulo spirals Localized destruction of tissue and accumulation of exudate in the periapical region

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