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client management

Alternative to gagging  confident attitude
Gagging is  Maxillary Molars
Breathing should be from  complement
What should be suspended in the air  Both
Reactions happens before gagging The nose
Last to be exposed is  Soft palate and posterior third of the tongue
Operator must convey  Pharyngeal reflex
exposure must start from legs
Precipitating factors  In the morning
Best time to perform the examination  Tickle in the back of the throat
Confuse the sensory nerve ending  Involuntary effort to vomit
Why operator rub finger along tissues near area to be exposed  Psychogenic and tactile
The operating time must be  Use extra oral radiograph
Areas most likely to elect gagging  give the client a glass of Ice water
Which one can be use local or general anesthesia  limited
For extreme gagging reflex  anterior teeth
Operator must .... client after each exposure  Cessation of respiration and muscle contraction
Another name for gagging reflex  To desensitize the tissues

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