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NYS 3rd Grade Math Word Match Part 2 of 5


New York State Standardized 3rd Grade Mathematics Test Prep Words. For the definition "A mathematical sentence that contains <, >, =, <, >." the "=" should have a slash (/) through it, and the last two "<, >" symbols should have dashes (_) under them.

Equation_____ 1A relation in which each element of the input is paired with exactly 1 element of the output according to a specified value.
Evaluate_____ 2An expression of the form a/b.
Equivalent Fraction_____ 3A number that is not rational.
Greatest Common Factor_____ 4A mathematical sentence that contains <, >, =, <, >.
Expression_____ 5A mathematical phrase that can contain ordinary numbers, variables, and operators.
Isosceles_____ 6All sides of a figure are congruent.
Fraction_____ 7The greatest common factors of 2 or more numbers.
Greater Than_____ 8In a power, the number of times the base is used as a factor.
Graph_____ 9A diagram showing the prime factorization of a number. The factors branch out from the previous factors until all the factors are prime numbers.
Factor Tree_____ 10To find the value of an expression by replacing variables with numerals.
Irrational number_____ 11A number that divides into a whole number with a remainder of 0.
Infinite_____ 12Becoming larger beyond bound.
Function_____ 13A set of points (called vertices) and a set of lines (called edges) joining these vertices.
Hypotenuse_____ 14The side opposite the right angle in a right triangle.
Equilateral_____ 15A number larger than another number represented by the > symbol.
Exponent_____ 16A mathematical sentence that contains the equal sign.
inequality_____ 172 or more fractions with the same value.
Factor_____ 18An isosceles triangle has 2 congruent sides.
Integer_____ 19The whole numbers and their opposites. (-1, -2, -3, 0, 1, 2, 3)
Factorial_____ 20The expression n! is the product of all counting numbers beginning with n and counting backwards.

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