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NYS 3rd Grade Math Word Match Part 1 of 5


New York State Standardized 3rd Grade Mathematics Test Prep Words.

Acute Angle_____ 1The most common unit of measure for angles.
Complimentary Angles_____ 2The distance across the circle through the center.
Cylinder_____ 3In the fraction x/y, y is called the denominator and x is the numerator.
Degree_____ 4A solid figure bounded by 6 congruent squares.
Absolute Value_____ 5An angle with a measure greater than 0 degrees and less than 90 degrees.
Diameter_____ 6The numerical part of an expression.
Average_____ 72 rays with a common endpoint from an angle. The rays and vertex are used to name an angle.
Division_____ 8Any whole number greater than 1 that has more than 2 factors.
Area_____ 9The set of all points in a plane that are the same distance from a given point called the center.
Coefficient_____ 10An expression of a relationship between 3 numbers.
Cube_____ 11The arithmetic mean.
Divisible_____ 12The number of square units needed to cover a surface enclosed by a geometric figure.
Cone_____ 132 angles are complimentary if the sum of their measure is 90 degrees.
Circle_____ 14The number of units a number is from 0 on the number line.
Denominator_____ 15The distance around a circle.
Composite Numbers_____ 16A number is divisible by another if, upon division, the remainder is 0.
Addition_____ 17Information collected to help solve a problem.
Angle_____ 18A three-dimensional figure formed by joining a circle to a point above the circle.
Circumference_____ 19A three-dimensional figure with 2 parallel congruent circular bases.
Data_____ 20The total number in all sets.

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