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NYS 3rd Grade Math Word Match Part 4 of 5


New York State Standardized 3rd Grade Mathematics Test Prep Words.

Proportion_____ 1The results of a division problem.
Rectangular Prism_____ 2A prism with rectangular basis.
Rectangle_____ 3Intersecting lines that form right angles.
Polygon_____ 4A decimal whose digits repeat in groups of 1 or more.
Perpendicular Lines_____ 5A three-dimensional figure whose base is a polygon and having triangular faces that meet at a common point over the base.
Perfect Square_____ 6A drawing that is similar but either larger or smaller than the actual object.
Right Angle_____ 7In a right triangle, the square of the length of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the length of the legs.
Ratio_____ 8A zero-dimensional figure, an exact location in space.
Point_____ 9A comparison of 2 numbers by division.
Scale Drawing_____ 10An equation that shows that 2 ratios are equivalent.
Quotient_____ 11The chance that some event will happen.
Perimeter_____ 12The answer to a multiplication problem.
Pythagorean_____ 13The difference between the greatest number and the least number in a set of data.
Product_____ 14A polygon having 4 sides.
Place Value_____ 15A system of writing numbers in which the position of the digit determines its value.
Prime Number_____ 16A number whose square root is a whole number.
Quadrilateral_____ 17A whole number greater than 1 that has exactly 2 factor, 1 and itself.
Rational Number_____ 18A part of a line that extends forever in only 1 direction.
Range_____ 19A simple closed figure in a plane formed by 3 or more line segments.
Repeating Decimals_____ 20A rational number is a number that is the ratio of 2 integers. All other real numbers are said to be irrational.
Probability_____ 21The reciprocal of the number x is the number 1/x.
Ray_____ 22The distance around a geometric figure.
Pyramid_____ 23A quadrilateral with 4 equal angles.
Reciprocal_____ 24An angle formed by 2 perpendicular lines; a 90 degree angle.

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