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Term Test over Chapters 1-6

Mrs. Moran

Unexpected expense something that can help you improve your day to dat
Loan an unforeseen cost
Savings a chosen pursuit, profession, or occupation
Fixed expense money that is not spent
Resume the individual that owns an apartment
Recall proficiency acquired through training or experience
Advancement a level of material comfort as measured by goods
Surplus the amount by which expenditures exceed income
Aptitude an inherent ability or talent
Primary Need an itemized summary of probable expenditures and income
Career the person renting the apartment
SUV the payment that the tenant pays to the landlord
APR a brief account of one's work experienceand qualifications
Standard of Living the length of a rental agreement
Warranty something that you must have to live from day to day
Contract an expenditure that varies
Flexible expense an agreement between a buyer and a seller
Lease a car designed to have multipe rows of seats
Deficit stands for annual percentage rate
Landlord a legal document signed by both the tenant
Term a car with two front seats and a smaller backseat for occasional passengers
Security Deposit natural or acquired skills or talents
Skills an unchanging expenditure
Budget a sum of money usually equal to one month's rent
Tenant the seller's promise to fix or replace the product
Rent an amount of money given to the borrower for a set period of time
Abilties an amount of money remaining after all expenses have been met
Secondary Need an effort one makes in bettering one's career
Coupe the voluntary removal of a dangerous product

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