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Env Nat Res 13.02

Demography_____ 1Used in aerosol cans and believed to cause holes in ozone.
Southern and Western_____ 2The average person creates _______ lbs. of trash each day
Sustainable_____ 3States that are growing the fastest
Zero population growth_____ 4Examples are fossil fuels and minerals.
Population_____ 5Information collected such as age, gender, income and edcuation.
Endangerment_____ 6Almost 284 million people.
Demographics_____ 7The number of people in a location
Change _____ 8The result of the birth rate being equal to the death rate.
Natural_____ 9When once productive land forms into desert
CFC's_____ 10The reduction in soil fertility by altering or carelessly using soil.
Hunger_____ 11Waste originating from the home.
Fertility rate_____ 12A lack of the proper nutrients
Household waste_____ 13Birth rate is also known as ________ _________.
U.S. Population_____ 14When people move from one area to another.
Migration_____ 15The average number of deaths per 1000 people per year
Decline_____ 16Population changes are due to two factors ;1) ________ change and 2) Migration
Soil degradation_____ 17An acute shortage of food.
North Carolina_____ 18As education increases, fertility rates__________.
Overpopulation_____ 19The lack of calories for energy.
Undernourishment_____ 20The average person creates _____ gallons of waste water each day.
Malnourishment_____ 21The layer of O3 (triatomic oxygen) in the air that prevents harmful radiation from reaching the earth.
Renewable natural resources._____ 22The warming of the earth's surface
Desertification_____ 23The act of using resources faster than they can be restored or preserved.
Ozone layer_____ 24The science of human population
Resource depletion_____ 25Development that considers future impact.
Greenhouse effect_____ 26Leads to depletion of resources, hunger and conflict
100_____ 27Natural population___________is the change when people are born and die.
4.4_____ 28Water, soil, air, wildlife and forests are examples of ______ _______.
Nonrenewable natural resources_____ 29Population is 8,050,000, eleventh ranking state
Mortality rate_____ 30Any activity that threatens a species with extinction

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