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Vocabulary Lesson Fifteen Review

quagmire noun - damnation; ruin; hell
quiddity noun - a puzzling situation; a dilemma
quandary adj. - complaining; grumbling
pejorative noun - an essential quality
perspicacity adj. - a person or thing said to be ordinary or dull
raiment noun - resembling; seeming; half
peruse noun - a swamp; a difficult or inextricable situation
quasi adj. - done without care; in a routine fashion
rationalize verb - to read carefully; scrutinize
rakish verb - to make an excuse for
ratiocinate adj. - having a negative effect; insulting
pedestrian verb - to reason; to think
perdition noun - clothing; garments
querulous noun - keenness of judgement
perfunctory adj. - carefree; dashing; jaunty

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