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South Asia


The Maldives Mountain people/guides.
Archipelago Landmass like a continent, only smaller.
South Asia Called "The Indian Sub-Continent".
Constitutional Monarchy Bring warm moist air.
Archipelago  A large group or chain of islands.
Maldives Islands River
The Himalayas Governed by a constitution.
Climates in South Asia The wold's highest mountain.
World's highest peak  A social structure in which classes are determined by social class.
South Asia Mt.Everest
Ganges Home to 39% of the world's poor.
Monsoons Atoll Islands
Sub-continent A level or gently sloping surface formed of sediments.
Sherpas Formed by the remains of sunken volcanoes and coral.
Illiteracy Chain of islands.
Brahmaputra River Home to 1/4 of world's people.
Indus River Comprise of 1,200 islands.
June-September winds A large-scale, atmospheric wind-and-pressure system.
Atoll Islands Oldest civilization in the world.
Alluvial Plain A lack of ability to read and write.
Caste System Over 1,000 long and 1,000 wide.
Cyclone Affect the climate of South Asia.
South Asia There are five.

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