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Greek Mythology prt 2

drama group in 1000 bc that invaded Greece
Helots A system of goverment that rule through direct or elected represented
Missing phrase1 - 53 Missing phrase2 - 20
philosophy Ahilltop fortress in ancient Athens
Missing phrase1 - 57 an ancient cretian civilization
Trireme legends or stories
Missing phrase1 - 54 Missing phrase2 - 27
Minonan places set up for conqured lands but very over populated
sophlocles Missing phrase2 - 33
peguses shunned and avoided
muses  anyone who wasnt greek
mottack he made his slaves carry the thrown set it up on a hill to watch the Greeks get destroyed
earthquake of 1700 a winged horse
Zerk the Jerk the west wind
Phrixus Along poem about heros
harpies A ruler who has absolute power
Missing phrase1 - 44 He returned the golden fleece home
Missing phrase1 - 46 3 headed dog that gaurded the entrance to underworld
Pericles Agroup of warriers led by Jason to get the golden fleece
monarchy Missing phrase2 - 24
Missing phrase1 - 47 A group of greek cities on the coast of Aisia minor
Hellenes Was Orheus mother and a muse
Missing phrase1 - 58 the study of the meaning of life
Missing phrase1 - 49 A class of people who werent citezens
democracy beautiful daughters of Zeus played beatiful music
phalanx destroyed much of minonan civilization
tyrant a serious play or theatricle event
Caliopie Missing phrase2 - 22
oligarchy Helles half brother died after landing by the black sea
Missing phrase1 - 50 Missing phrase2 - 29
Zephyr She fell off the golden ram and drown
city-state a system of goverment in which a few people rule
Eros Missing phrase2 - 23
Polis Missing phrase2 - 35
colonies mean spirits that ate all of the blind kings food
Helle the god of love,shot arrows of poison and fell love with pysche
Missing phrase1 - 51 Missing phrase2 - 21
King Odysses Missing phrase2 - 34
Missing phrase1 - 56 Missing phrase2 - 32
Missing phrase1 - 45 Missing phrase2 - 39
Acropolis a self govering city surrounded villages and farmlands
fresco got the Cyclops drunk escaped only one to hear sirens and live to tell it
barbarians The ship built by the Argonauts
Argonauts Missing phrase2 - 30
Cerabus Missing phrase2 - 17
Peloponnessus An old blind king
Dorians Missing phrase2 - 26
Missing phrase1 - 52 a painting done on fresh plaster out of water colors
Agora one of Spartan slave classes
Phineus Missing phrase2 - 19
ionia A major sailing vessle powered by 3 men
Jason A city state in Ancient Greece
Missing phrase1 - 48 a greek battle formation where soldiers were pressed closely together
epic the central market place with many buildings ,temples
Missing phrase1 - 55 a heavy hoe used by Greek farmers
ostasized the name the Dorians gave themselves
Argo A hillly major peninsula in Greece
Metics a famous greek writer
Missing phrase1 - 59 a greek leader of the golden age
myths a system of goverment in which a king or queen is sole ruler

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