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The Rise of Chrisitanity

Ms. Cox's Class

Chapter 10 Vocabulary Study Guide: The Rise of Christianity

schism the twelve close followers of Jesus
icon an organization with different levels of authority
basil Italian monk that created a set of rules stating monks must live simple, giveup their belongings and spend time in work and prayer
helena people willing to die rather than give up their beliefs
laity official church teaching
hierarchy deliverer
persecute the home of Jesus
peter had an unusual experience on the Damascus road where he soon after became a Christian
nazareth capital of Israel
salvation separation of the two most important branches of christianity
resurrection to declare that a person or group no longer belongs to the church
disciple the Son of God
cyril to be saved from sin and allowed to enter heaven
excommunicate to be raised from the dead, led to a new religion called christianity
benedict leaders of the church
charlemagne invented a new alphabet to spread the word of Christianity
doctrine stories used from everyday life to express spiritual ideas
clergy a close follower of Jesus Christ
martyr the lowest level in the early church hierarchy
paul a jewish fisher, one of the twelve disciples
jesus Frankish king given the title of emperor of Rome
jerusalem pictures or images of christ,mary and the saints
apostle created a list of rules for monks and nuns to follow
parable the mistreatment of christians
messiah  introduced constantine to christianity

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