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Year 13 じこにあう~しょうかいする

Miss Alexander

Match the word to it's definition.

じこにあう island
じこくひょう nature, natural
しぜん な to have an accident
じだい address
じつは capital city
じどうしゃ time-table for transport
じどうはんばいき office worker
しばらく to depart
しま enough, sufficient
しまぐに to introduce
しまる vending machine
じむいん actually
しゃちょう era, age, time period
しゅうかん car, automobile, vehicle
しゅうきょう custom
じゅうしょ island nation
じゅうぶん religion
しゅっぱつする to be closed
しゅと company president
しょうかいする for a while

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