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Media word match

John Crossley

media terms word match

Anchorage  Way in which meaning is created - literal or surface meaning e.g. red is the colour of a flower
Antagonist Fixing of meaning e.g the copy text fixes the meaning of an image (for instance, a single rose, that could be used for an ad for anything from a dating agency to a funeral home) in a print advertisemen
Archetype A way of categorising a media text according to its form, style and content. This categorisation is useful for producers (who can utilise conventions) and audiences (who can utilise their expectations of the type of text) alike
Binary Opposition Way in which meaning is created - meaning by association, the deeper meaning (e.g. red stands for anger, passion, love, danger)
Censorship Refers to the (usually) 3-D effects that enhance all kinds of still and moving images, from text effects, to digital snow or fire, to the generation of entire landscapes.
CGI A system of signs which can be decoded to create meaning.
Code Factual characteristics of a population sample, e.g. age, gender, race, nationality, income, disability, education.
Connotation The widely recognised way of doing something - this has to do with content, style and form eg music videos are the same length as the song (somewhere around 4 minutes, say) they present the band, who look as though they are singing they have lots of fast edits
Convention The contrast between two mutually exclusive concepts or things that creates conflict and drives a narrative e.g. good/evil, day/night, male/female, presence/absence, old/young
Convergence Control over the content of a media text. Different media forms have different forms, sometimes from a government, but mainly from a regulatory agency, eg the British Board of Film Classification
Demographic The way in which technologies and institutions come together in order to create something new. Cinema is the result of the coming together of photography, moving pictures (the kinetoscope, zoetrope etc), and sound. The iPad represents the coming together of books, TV, maps, the internet and the mobile phone.
Denotation The character whose function in a plot is to oppose the protagonist. the villain in most action adventures. In character drama, someone who stands between the protagonist and his/her goals.
Editorial This is a complex concept - in its basic form it is a set of ideas or beliefs which are held to be acceptable by the creators of a media text. For example, a text might be described as feminist, meaning it promotes the idea that women are the equal of men and should not be discriminated against on the grounds of gender.
Enigma In a newspaper, this refers to the opinion pieces (sometimes known as 'leading articles') written by senior reporters. In a magazine this refers to the feature content that reflects the ethos of the publication
Genre Process by which different cultures worldwide have come to share the same media texts e.g. movies and pop music.
Globalisation A universal type or model of character that is found in many different texts, e.g. ingenue, anti-hero, wise old woman, hero-as-lover, hero-as-warrior, shadow trickster, mentor, loyal friend, temptress
Ideology A question that is not immediately answered and thus draws an audience into a text eg. a body is discovered at the beginning of a tv detective drama. We watch to find out who the killer is.

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