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Painless Vocabulary Review Chapters 1-3


Review of Vocabulary from Chapters 1-3, Painless Vocabulary by Michael Greenberg (Barron's).

1beyond ordinary _____procrastinate
2passionate _____veteran
3entertain, especially with a story _____abate
4examine closely _____descend
5get or purchase _____enthralled
6evoke a response, to bring out information _____complex
7stop or subside _____gloat
8captivated _____aloof
9fly high _____elicit
10revenge _____summon
11go down _____ardent
12grip tightly _____extraordinary
13express self-satisfaction _____procure
14experienced, experienced person _____ponder
15dull, dismal _____soar
16mourn, deeply regret _____lament
17teach, inspire or impress something into someone _____arrogance
18pride _____instill
19put things off till the last minute _____scrutinize
20to call, invite _____clench
21distant (emotionally) _____regale
22hate, despise _____loathe
23weigh in the mind _____vengeance
24complicated _____dreary

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