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Anatomy and physiology

Keeley O

anatomy A technique for observing minute materials using a microscope
physiology The branch of laboratory medicine that studies blood sera.
histology The smallest functioning unit of any living organism.
cytology The scientific study of bacteria
Cell The study of the microscopic identification of cells and tissue.
Tissue The scientific study of the characteristics, causes and effects of disease
pathology The study, classification and description of structures and organs of the body.
microscopy The branch of medicine concerned with radioactive substances and with the diagnosis and treatment of disease by visualising any of the various sources of radiant (electromagnetic) energy
Radiology Physiological systems are made up of structures specifically able to engage in processes that are essential for a vital function in the body.
organ A collection of similar cells acting together to perform a function
system The study of cells, including their formation, origin, structure, function, biochemical activities, pathological characteristics.
virology The study of the processes and function of the human body.
bacteriology A structural part of a system of the body that is composed of tissues and cells that enable it to perform a particular function
Serology The study of viruses and viral diseases

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