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1variable stars _____Milky Way and Andromeda are examples
2period-luminosity relationship _____no arms, smooth, called "E" or"E-type"
3binary stars _____many star clusters found here, dark nebulae limit vision here
4the Sun _____spiral local group galaxy in which the Sun resides
5Milky Way Galaxy _____our nearest galactic neighbor, called M31 and NGC224
6spiral galaxy _____correlation between luminosity and pulsation
7galactic bulge _____a bar of material passes through the galactic center
8irregular galaxy _____luminosity changes with time, some erratically others regularly
9Andromeda Galaxy _____without rotational symmetry, may be young and ejecting bubbles of gas
10quasar _____English siblings who discovered & studied galaxies
11nebulae _____located in our galaxy's suburbs, 30,000 ly from center
12barred - spiral galaxy _____two stars orbiting around their center of mass held by gravitational attraction
13Local Group _____a cluster of galaxies in which our solar system belongs
14galactic disk _____huge cloud of gas and dust in intergalactic space
15W. & C. Herschel _____region of galaxy far above and below center
16galactic halo _____American astronomer who classified the galaxies
17elliptical galaxy _____known as a QSO, star-sized energy source with excess UV radiation
18E. Hubble _____visible light cannot penetrate clouds here

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