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The Cay

Vocabulary Words from The Cay

Debris German submarine
Flayed member of a fascist political party in Germany
Treacherous to strip off the skin or outer covering of
Conniving sneak away
Catchment heavy material used to make a ship steady
Lurched the operation of aircraft
Navigation not admitting light
Nazi to challenge or dare
Uboat Deceptive, untrustworthy, or unreliable
kerosene self-propelled underwater explosive missile
aviation the act of catching or collecting water
refinery large, solid, or heavy in structure
binoculars litter, trash
Stern to set or close tightly
Clenched refusal to obey authority
Leeward large Spanish sailing ship of the 15 & 16th centuries
Cowardly inflexible; strict
schooner white oily liquid distilled from petroleum
mutiny ship with two or more masts and fore and aft sails
Koenoekoe aimed or directed
channel where raw materials are changed into finished product
trained To conspire
torpedo a sudden tip or roll to one side, as of a ship or a staggering person
defying optical field glasses for both eyes
Blackout discouraged
Galleon located away from the wind
Stole lacking courage
Massive navigable route between two bodies of water
Disheartened countryside
bow the forward part of a ship
Ballast the skill or process of plotting a route and directing a ship, aircraft

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