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Media Literature Sem. 1 & 2

Mrs. Jurado

terms learned in class

different people amount of dollars spent on advertising
humor this person brought rap to NYC, real name Clive Campbell
billions video games provide immediate and continual
bandwagon everybody using product
celebrities ordinary people selling product
stimulus addiction term means independent
deconstruct famous people to promote product
testimonials elevated when playing video games
target audience  type of dancing comes from African martial arts
parody not planned, made up on the spot
mass media words are often painted using fancy characters; Greek for write
expert experience same messages differently
moods used to link a product with something already liked
codes and conventions a style which emerged in the 60's
fear communication through newspaper, internet, radio, mags
heavy drinkers used after the 1070's as keyboard instruments
media messages words like cozy and cuddly
beautiful people teens who use alcohol between 15-18 yrs.
reinforcement music comes from Jamaica
association makes fun of ads, movies
grand theft auto people testify to products worth
media teens who ploay this are likely to fight or bully
warm and fuzzy groups of people media wants to reacdh
plain folks combination of many styles David Bowie, Lady Gaga
bribery take apart media to understand how and why it was created
storyboard a simple song wiht a romantic message
genre habit that is formed as kids seek out more and more violent games
synthesizers considered the music of the 50's
buddy holly rap is called this or MC
improvisation combines rock wiht classical or jazz
ballad form of American music
jazzrockfusion a slow and quieter form of music
breakdancing music of Peru is inflluenced by Spanish and this
rap compares two unlike objects " the lake was a smooth river"
hiphop killed in a plane crash during the 1950's wiht Richie Valens
glam rock literary terms such as horror, nonficiton, ficiton, fantasy
afrocaribbean music and dance in Mexico reflect this ancestry
emcee story told in pictures
rock and roll reciting rhymes to the beat of music
reggae someting disliked like "bad breath"
entertaining grabs attention "good" feeling
soft rock use professionals to sell product
progressive rock goal of the rapper is to be this
indie these are constructed
metahor alternative rock such as Nivrvana, Pearl Jam
graffiti art has embedded values and point of view
grunge rock technical codes including camera angles, lighting, & setting
Kool Herc words like discount, free, coupon, rebate
mayan use good looking people to sell product

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