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Classic Novels

Match the correct Book to the correct description.

1Catch 22 _____1920s millionaire tragically loves unhappily married Daisy Buchanan.
2Wuthering Heights _____The Great American Novel,this book inspired controversy with its rich local color and often scathing examinations of racism.
3Fahrenheit 451 _____Follows the western movement of one family and a nation in search of work and human dignity during The Great Depression.
4Animal Farm _____Air Force officers try to cope with the insanity of WW2.
51984 _____Heathcliff,an orphan who falls in love with a girl above his class, loses her, and devotes the rest of his life to wreaking revenge on her family.
6Of Mice and Men _____A fireman of the future burns books until he meets a book lover and becomes an outlaw.
7The Scarlet Letter _____The tragic story of the complex bond between two migrant laborers in Central California
8To Kill A Mockingbird _____The epic battle between man and monster.In trying to create life, the young student Victor,unleashes forces beyond his control, setting into motion a long and tragic chain of events that brings Victor himself to the very brink.
9The Great Gatsby _____Two young "star-cross'd lovers" whose deaths ultimately unite their feuding families
10Lord of the Flies _____Portrays a terrifying vision of life in the future when a totalitarian government, considered a "Negative Utopia," watches over all citizens and directs all activities, becoming more powerful as time goes by
11Romeo and Juliet _____Its account of a group of barnyard animals who revolt against their vicious human master, only to submit to a tyranny erected by their own kind
12The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn _____The love story of a plain yet spirited governess, and her arrogant, brooding Mr. Rochester.
13The Grapes of Wrath _____English schoolboys stranded on a desert island without adults, soon turn savage.
14Jane Eyre _____ A widowed lawyer with two children defends an innocent black man accused of raping a white woman in the 1930s Alabama.
15Frankenstein _____Set in the harsh Puritan community of seventeenth-century Boston, this tale of an adulterous entanglement that results in an illegitimate birth

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