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Match terms with definitions. Earn bonus points for being the first to complete

1alternating current _____a device that uses chemical reaction to store and produce electricity
2AC _____to kill by passing electric current through a body
3ammeter _____an incomplete path or circuit that does not permit the flow of electricity
4amperes _____abbreviation of Alternating Current
5amp _____abbreviation for direct current
6armature _____a form of energy in which electrons are flowing
7battery _____the force needed to make electrons move
8cell _____the force that slows down electron flow
9circuit _____unit for measuring electromotive force
10closed circuit _____a circuit that has only one path for the electricity to follow
11conductor _____a complete path or circuit which allows electricity to move along it
12current _____the form of electricity caused by a charged (+) or (-) particle; it does not move in a path
13direct current _____a unit that measures the amoung of resistance to electric current
14DC _____electrical current that flows in one direction, then the other direction; changes direction many times every second.
15electricity _____a machine that changes mechanical energy into electricity
16electrocute _____abbreviation for electromotive force
17electromagnetic induction _____producing a current by moving a coil of wire across a magnetic field
18electromotive force _____a material that allows electricity to pass through it
19EMF _____electrical current that flows in only one direction
20generator _____the number of electrons that are moving past a certain point in a circuit within a given time; the rate of flow
21insulator _____the flow of electrons along a path
22ohm _____the coil inside the generator
23open circuit _____a device used to measure amperes
24parallel circuit _____a circuit that provides more than one path for electricity to follow
25resistance _____a group of two or more electric cells used to create or store electricity
26series circuit _____a material that will not allow electricity to pass through it
27static electricity _____the path a current follows through a conductor
28volt _____abbreviated form of amperes

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