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Technical terms for the theater

May 2011

1. blocking H) from the actor's perspective looking out at audience
2. curtain call N) a rehearsal without interruption
3. a grip A) providing the actors with their locations on the stage
4. to strike O) an old theater saying, meaning "good luck"
5. the extra B) final bows at the end of a performance
6. cue D) to dismantle (take apart) the set
7. downstage P) a final "dry run" of show with costumes, sets, lighting and sound
8. stage left / stage right J) an opening in the stage floor
9. upstage M) illuminate audience area; turned off before show begins
10. trap F) a signal when to enter, exit, play music or change lighting
11. a prompt L) when lighting, scene changes, sound cues are rehearsed
12. tech rehearsal E) they provide proper background but do not have any lines to say
13. house lights G) the front of the stage, closest to the audience
14. a run through K) this is what the actors get if they forget their lines
15. break a leg I) area toward the back of the stage; away from audience
16. dress rehearsal C) a stagehand

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