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10.04 Puzzle

Thanousone Arounlangsy

Changes in Foreign Policy Due to Cold War

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Cuban Communist leader
Zionist Movement Prohibited nuclear tests on land, space, or water
Israel Soviet leader who practiced Communism
U.S. Police Action Efforts to rebuild war-torn European countries
Douglas MacArthur Declared that the U.S. will help countries resisting Commumism
Geneva Accords United Nations that maintained peace similar to a police force
Eisenhower Doctrine Religious movement that brought Jews back to Israel
U-2 Incident Happened when an American spy flew over the Soviet Union but was attacked by Soviet military and U.S. admitted real intentions of spying
Bay of Pigs Constructed under Khruschev to stop people from escaping Communist rule
Limited Test Ban Treaty U.S. ally in the Middle-East
Berlin Wall American general serving in WWI and WWII
Truman Doctrine Pushed Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs invasion
Marshall Plan Ended the conflict between Palestinians and Israels
Fidel Castro Unsuccessful attempt by U.S. to overthrow Fidel Castro
Khruschev A policy of containment

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