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Chapter 5 Stereotypes, Prejudice & Discrimination

Megan Andrews

Match words to their concepts or definitions

Modern Racism the theory that hostility between groups is caused by direct competition for limited resources.
Superordinate Goal The tendency to assume that there is greater similarity among members of outgroups than amoung members of ingroups.
Social Identity Theory The theory that small gender differences are magnified in perception by the contrasting social roles occupied by men and women.
Outgroup Homogeneity Effect A shared goal that can only be achieved through cooperation among individuals or groups.
Ambivalent Sexism A form of prejudice that surfaces in subtle ways when it is safe,socially acceptable, and easy to rationalize.
Racism A desire to see one's ingroup as dominant over other groups and a willingness to adopt cultural values that facilitate oppression over other groups.
Social Role Theory A form of sexism characterized by attitudes about women that reflect both negative, resentful beliefs and feelings and affectionate and chivalrous but potentially patronizing beliefs and feelings.
Subliminal Presentation Prejudice and discrimination based on a person's racial background, or institutional and cultural practices that promote the domination of one racial group over another.
Stereotype Content Model A model proposing that the relative status and competion between groups influence group stereotypes along the dimensions of competence and warmth.
Social Dominance Orientation A method of prsenting stimuli so faintly or rapidly that people do not have any conscious awareness of having been exposed to them.
Realistic Conflict Theory The theory that people favor ingroups over outgroups in order to enhance their self-esteem.

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