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SAT Word Review

Deceive a stingy person who does not share much of his or her money
Shrewd a person who does not like the government or lawful authorities and fights against them.
Eccentric to trick someone
Malevolence to do things in a very practical manner
Vigilant to copy someone or sth so that you are as good as it or better.
Trustworthy blocked or kept far from where most people are
Animosity people who are responding to changes; usually political
reject to be someone who can be trusted
originate a feeling of hatred for others (Starts with A)
reactionaries to think badly of someone, or that they are not as good as you
miser to be aware
insurgent to refust
disdain opposite of strict
autocrats Someone who believes things easily
emulate a feeling of hatred for others
secluded a person, usually a king, who has all the powers of the government and is allowed to use them however they want
lenient to start

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