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1first degree burn _____involuntary muscle activity
2second degree burns _____the body has taken too much insulin or used glucose in the body
3full thickness burns _____cessation of heart activity
4hypothermia _____severe allergic reaction
5dislocation _____third degree burns- dermis and epidermis destroyed
6sprain _____temporary loss of consciousness
7heat stroke _____excessive sweating and pale, cool, clammy skin
8heat exaustion _____decreased body temperature
9insulin shock  _____ red, painful, involve dermis only
10strain _____one end of bone separated from original position in joint
11diabetic ketoacidosis _____the brain does not receive enought oxygen
12AED _____hot, red, dry ski, confusion, high temperature
13epistaxis _____circulatory collapse of the body brought on by insufficient flood flow
14seizure  _____glucose builds up in blood without sufficient insulin and detones are produced
15epilepsy  _____heart attack
16shock _____stretching or tearing of a muscle or tendon
17stroke _____red, blistered, damages dermis and epidermis
18myocardial infarction _____nose bleed
19syncope _____brain disorder
20cardiac arrest  _____device that returns the patients heart to normal rhythm
21anaphylactic shock  _____full or partial tear of a ligament

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