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Revolution and the Constitution

Cortney Wenborg


1King George III _____a formal change to the constitution
2Sugar Act _____chief advisors to the president
3Stamp Act _____bank funded by the federal government and wealthy investors to issue paper money and handle taxes
4due process of law _____protest against increased tea prices in which colonists dumped British tea into the harbor
5Boston Massacre _____authority to decide whether a law is constitutional
6Boston Tea Party _____people opposed to the ratification of the new constitution
7John Locke _____powers specifically granted in the constitution
8Common Sense _____payments of money to persuade of influence
9Thomas Jefferson _____being tried more than once for the same crime
10Declaration of Independence _____colonists who wanted independence from Britain
11Loyalists _____colonists who were loyal to Britain
12Patriots _____an agreement between citizens and the government
13Saratoga _____conflict of colonists and British soldiers that killed 4 colonists
14Valley Forge _____a loose alliance of states
15inflation _____created harsher punishments for people who criticize the government
16Marquis de Lafayette _____official approval of the constitution
17Charles Cornwallis _____powers not granted to the federal government or denied to the states belong to the states and people
18Yorktown _____British general
19Treaty of Paris _____organizations that support candidates for office and try to control the government
20egalitarianism _____king of England during the American Revolution
21republic _____rise in the price of goods
22Articles of Confederation _____Battle won by the Americans in 1777
23Northwest Ordinance of 1787 _____order in which the office of the president is filled if it becomes vacant before an election
24Shay's Rebellion _____procedure for returning a person charged with a crime where it was committed
25reserved powers _____main author of the Declaration of Independence
26checks and balances _____effort by a state to cancel a federal law
27ratification _____law passed by parliament to try and raise money
28Federalists _____law that set up the national court system
29Anti-federalists _____political system where 2 political parties compete for power
30Bill of Rights _____anti-tax protest by farmers
31double jeopardy _____all the procedures for fair treatment that must be carried out when someone is accused of a crime
32cabinet _____refusal to buy certain goods
33two-party system _____Battle that gave the Americans victory in the war
34protective tariff _____canceled
35XYZ Affair _____powers not specifically stated in the constitution
36Sedition Acts _____ordinary citizens who could be ready to fight quickly
37nullification _____supporters of the new constitution
38amendment _____areas of land owned and governed by the United States but that are not states
39boycott _____treaty that officially ended the war
40confederation _____rule by the military
41delegate _____document outlining the first United States government
42diplomacy _____powers given to separate branches of government to keep any one from getting too much power
43isolate _____law that put a tax on items such as wills and newspapers
44Minutemen _____set of amendments passed to protect individual rights
45national bank _____a person given power to act for others, a representative
46political parties _____place where Washington's army spent the winter of 1777-1778
47social contract _____law that organized the northwest territory and decided how new states would enter the union
48repealed _____settling disagreements between nations by discussion and negotiation
49territories _____a government in which people elect representatives to govern
50Democratic-Republicans _____a belief in equality
51Judiciary Act of 1789 _____to separate from others
52bribes _____Pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that attacked monarchy
53martial law _____part of the constitution that allows Congress to pass laws necessary to carry out its enumerated powers
54enumerated powers _____tax on imported goods to protect domestic business
55implied powers _____philosopher who believed in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
56elastic clause _____president
57chief executive _____political party led by Thomas Jefferson
58succession _____French nobleman who helped the Americans
59judicial review _____document that said that the United States was an independent nation
60extradition _____American anger over bribes demanded by French diplomats

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