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Candy Ward

Match words with definitions.

abandon rash, spontan
adequate frown, scowl
cherish impish, rascally, playful
blatant  dump, ditch, discard
condense  souvenirs, mementos
credibility unsafe, hazardous, risky
defiance integrity, reliability, sincerity
ecstatic stubborn, firm persiste
fatigue irritation, annoyance, frustration
grimace delay, postpone, dally
impetuous unconcealed, deliberate, flagrant
memorabilia rebelliousness, disobedience, insolence
mischievous commotion, disorder, chaos
perilous trip, outing
procrastinate savage, wild, ferocious
stagnant  fresh, unpreserved
tenacious  overjoyed, thrilled
turmoil concentrate, compress, pack into
vicious satisfactory, competent, sufficient
perishable exhaustion, weariness, weakness
expedition treasure, appreciate, relish
exasperation still, motionless immobile

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