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Semester Final Spanish 2

Krystal.T , Avion, Mary Jo

These are the spanish words and or phrases that were used in this semesters vocabulary. Match the spanish word or phrase with the english word or phrase.

se sube a su cohete he/she falls and breaks his/her leg
enftrente de la tienda reads a book
siempre come en el mismo lugar all the people
nunca esta aburrido he/she gets sad
primero vuelan a otro pais Nobody
despues de un rato wants to be
todo la gente first they fly to another country
qual es mejor can understand
lee un libro drives a car
puede enteder it is very cold
queire ser he/she goes up to a nice girl
llega a ciudad he/ she calls his/her friend
pantelones con muchos bolsillos gives to him or her
dentes guapos arrives in his/her city
se ve horrible wants to go to the dance
le dio in front of the store
le pide un cita he/she is dressed nice
quiere ir a baile he/she looks horrible
le llama a su amigo is busy writing
esta occupado escribiendo he/she always eats at the same place
ninguinas personas he/she is never bored
limpio clean
sucio gets on a rocketship
manejar un carro after a while
nunca se afeitia su barba pants with many pockets
hace muy frio grabs a soda
se pone triste wears a suit
se acerca una chica simpatica he/she asks him/her for a date/appointment
agarra un refresco open the door
se cae y rompre la pierna he/she never shaves his/her beard
abre la puerta which is the best
se viste en un traje dirty
esta vestido guapo handsome teeth

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