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Marketplace Competition

by Cindy Honeycutt

Match the words and their meanings by placing the correct letter behind each word. Each letter is only used once.

1. marketplace_______ j. money
2. FCC_______ c. Sets rules for environment
3. EPA_______ n. prevents big business-monopolies
4. FTC_______ g. money loaned to banks, short term
5. Oversee_______ a. business world
6. simultaneously_______ m. United States money all the same in USA
7. borrowed funds_______ d. Investigates advertising and exchanges
8. Federal Reserve System_______ e. watch over
9. 16th amendment_______ u. increases funds available for individuals and businesses
10. currency_______ p. exclusive control of one type (RR, fuel, oil)
11. negotiated contracts_______ o. new business
12. consumer rights_______ t. reduces funds available for individuals and businesses
Federal Reserve notes_______ l. laws aimed to protect people
13. Antitrust legislation_______ v. Banker's bank
14. Business start ups_______ f. all at once
15. monopolies_______ k. legally binding agreement or deal
16. consumer rights_______ s. give up for something else
17. property rights_______ h. United States banking system
18. exchange_______ q. peoples' priviledges
19. Increased gov't borrowing_______ w. Wachovia, Suntrust, BB&T, Union Bank and Trust
20. Decreased gov't borrowing_______ b. Regulates broadcasting
21. Federal Reserve Bank_______ x. interest
22. Banker's bank_______ y. amount of money
23. Discount rate_______ i. gave authority for fed. govt to collect income tax
24. Reserve requirement_______ r. ability to own things (house, ring, land)

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