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Is the small channels in each eyelid that commence at minute orifices. Lacrimal Gland
Cause tears that flow over the surface of the eye to lubricate and cleanse. Sclera
Thin muscular membrane that’s movable and rises from the lower edge of the eye to protect.  Upper Eyelid
Known as the white of the eye. Optic nerve is attached to the sclera at the very back of the eye, and as we age us it starts to turn yellow. Pupil
Opening varies to regulate the amount of light entering the eye; which causes the eye to contract.  Lacrimal Canal
The eyelids protect the eye, tears and discharge waste. Batting of the eyelashes is very frequent as well.  Lacrimal Caruncle
Small reddish mass located at the inner corner of the eye.  Lower Eyelid

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