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Recruitment and Selection Unit 13

Sean Torrington

Key terms from recruitment and selection

1Job description _____Expected rules and guidelines that the candidate and interviewer are expected to follow
2External recruitment _____A type of interview
3Multi-stage _____Contains details of holiday entitlement and start date
4Application form _____A written statement in support of an application
5Interview protocol _____Gives information to the prospective employee about what the job is actually about
6Letter of application _____Provides information about the type of person that the organisation is looking for to do the job
7Eye contact _____One reason why firms recruit
8References _____Highlights all the positive aspects of the applicant and the special skills that they have
9Interview checklist _____Used to ensure all questions have been asked and responses noted
10Person specification _____Applicants write all their details including education and employment history on a two page sheet including referees
11Marital status _____An example of an off limit question
12Psychometric tests _____A way of gaining information in a standard format making it easier to compare applicants
13Curriculum vitae _____A method of application
14Maternity cover _____Recruiting from outside the business
15Job advert _____An assessment method used to determine intelligence or personality type
16Telephone  _____An example of body language
17Job offer _____Recruiting someone who already works for the business
18Internal recruitment _____Informs about the availability of a position

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